South Hopkins High School
1956 - 1996

40 years of memories

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Completed Projects:

View all 41 SHHS Yearbooks Online and

New Memorial Page Format.

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All 41 SHHS Yearbooks are online for viewing
and a few Nortonville and Mortons Gap. Click on the image to view.

Added Mortons's Gap 1946 & 1953 - 01/08/2018.

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Current Projects:

Build the Senior WallClick above image

Rebuilding the Senior Wall

Project Goal: build a virtual senior wall with all Senior Year Photos. These will be available to download and print

Click image to View available Classes.

You can help, If you have an 8x10 Senior Group Photo that is not displayed please contact the website for details on how you can help us.

Others will have to be photographed from the actual Wall Photo.

Class Reunions - Underway

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1979 45th Class Reunion
1979 40th
Class Reunion

Past Class Reunions

Click banner below - View Class Reunion Page

Class Reunion page contains, class reunion summary, Then / Now Photos, Group Photo with names, Slideshows with classmates and guests

1956 Class Reunion
1956 61st
Group Photos
1957 Class Reunion
1957 60th
Then/Now Photos
1973 45th Class Reunion
1958 60th
Group Photos
1965 Class Reunion
1965 50th
Then/Now Photos
1965 Class Reunion
1965 52nd
Then/Now Photos
1966 Class Reunion
1966 50th
Then/Now Photos
1967 Class Reunion
1967 50th
Then/Now Photos
1968 Class Reunion
1968 50th
Then/Now Photos
1971 Class Reunion
1971 47th
Group Photos
1972 Class Reunion
1971 45th
Then/Now Photos
1973 Class Reunion
1973 45th
Then/Now Photos

I attended the SHHS
All Class Reunion 9-10-11

Remember me?
I Attended!
Class of 1968
50th Class Reunion
Oct. 20, 2018

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Our Class Reunion

Recent Obituaries

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