South Hopkins High School
1956 - 1996

40 years of memories

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Class of 1979 40th Year Class Reunion Event

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1975-79 -  All Class Reunion

1979-10th Class Reunion

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Committee Meetings:

Next Meeting:

Mar.10, 2019 3pm. Dixie Pan  Nortonville 


Meeting History:

Feb..17, 2019 3pm. Dixie Pan  Nortonville 
Jan  14, 3pm Dixie Pan, Nortonville - Rescheduled
Oct. 14, 3pm Dixie Pan, Nortonville

July 15, 3pm. Dixie Pan  Nortonville 

May 20, 3pm. Dixie Pan  Nortonville 

Apr. 8,  3pm.. Dixie Pan  Nortonville  - Kick Off Meeting
Reunion Date, Time and Place
When: June 1, 2019
Time: To Be Set

Where: Lake View
10231 US Hwy 62W
Graham, KY 42344

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