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Class of 1979 40th Year Class Reunion Event

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Meeting History:

June 10th, 6pm. Dixie Pan Nortonville
May 19th 2019 2pm. Lake View

Apr. 14, 2019 2pm. Dixie Pan, Nortonville

Mar.10, 2019 2pm. Dixie Pan  Nortonville 
Feb..17, 2019 3pm. Dixie Pan  Nortonville 
Jan  14, 3pm Dixie Pan, Nortonville - Rescheduled
Oct. 14, 3pm Dixie Pan, Nortonville

July 15, 3pm. Dixie Pan  Nortonville 

May 20, 3pm. Dixie Pan  Nortonville 

Apr. 8,  3pm.. Dixie Pan  Nortonville  - Kick Off Meeting

Please See Invitation Below

The Reunion committee has put hours into trying to locate all 1979 classmates to give them the oppurtunity to attend the 40th Class Reunion.    A few are still being search for.     

The invitation below is for any SHHS 1979 Classmate OR Friend(s) of the class to attend the Reunion.    Please see the letter below.  

1979 40th Reunion Was Held On:
When: June 1, 2019
Time: 5pm to 12pm.

Where: Lake View
10231 US Hwy 62W
Graham, KY 42344