South Hopkins High School
1956 - 1996

40 years of memories

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Capturing memories and current events for

South Hopkins High School Classmates.


Current Projects:

Teaching myself a new technology "CSS"

Needed skill to completely re-develop the website

Develop New Class Reunion Group Photo Pages

Have several past Reunion Group Photos with tags and names. Need a new selection page and interface to upload and name tagged classmates to add more Group Photos.

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South Hopkins, Nortonville and Mortons Gap

Added Mortons's Gap 1941 & 1954 - 01/20/2020.

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Class Reunions - Underway

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Sept. 10, 2022
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Past Class Reunions

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Class Reunion page contains, class reunion summary, Then / Now Photos, Group Photo with names, Slideshows with classmates and guests

1956 Class Reunion 61st
1957 Class Reunion 60th
1958 Class Reunion 60th
59-60 Class Reunion
1965 Class Reunion 50th
1965 Class Reunion 52nd
1966 Class Reunion 50th
1967 Class Reunion 50th
1968 Class Reunion 50th
1969 Class Reunion 50th
1970 Class Reunion 51st
1971 Class Reunion 47th
1972 Class Reunion 45th
1972 Class Reunion 50th
1973 Class Reunion 45th
1979 Class Reunion 40th

I attended the SHHS
All Class Reunion 9-10-11

Remember me?
I Attended!
Class of 1972
50th Class Reunion
July. 23, 2022

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Recent Obituaries

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